Nyakitonto Youth for Development Tanzania (NYDT) is a youth-led local NGO working to save people. It was established in September 2010. The organization was founded by 15 youths and was registered on 09/05/2011 under NGO registration act No. 24 of 2002 with registration no. 00NGO/00004547 under the ministry of community development gender and children as not for profit organization.


A Kigoma society in which youth are empowered to effectively participate influence and benefit from national and International democratic and social economic processes.


To promote effective Kigoma youth participation influence and benefit from the regional(Kigoma) national and international democratic social and economic processes through capacity building, advocacy and knowledge management based on the unmatched mix of professional and social skills that members of NYDT have.


  • Partnership
  • Gender sensitive, equity and equality
  • Team work and Commitment
  • Transparency and Accountability
  • Professionalism


  • Youth empowerment and integration on inclusive development through entrepreneurship, Agribusiness development, value chain, friendly loan groups

  • Environmental conservation, biodervisity and mitigating ongoing, emerging threats and climate Change.

  • Humanitarian programs to the emergence issues basing on peace ,refugees and human rights.